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Welcome to my new blog! If you are wondering what the heck “Rivets and Trees” means, then click here. If you are wondering who I am, then click here. If you are wondering about the Dread Pirate Roberts, click here, and to have the computer read random stuff you’ve typed (does that ever get old?), click here.

It’s been a busy week, so the plans I had to come at this blog running didn’t quite pan out. There’s a new Audiobook Fix column out today, and Jesse and I posted our first podcast over at SFFaudio yesterday. That podcast will keep me busy much of the week because there are technical issues I need to figure out, having to do with the level of me vs. a Skype caller, and getting a clearer signal via Skype, before next week’s episode.

Still, here’s the blog. It will differ a bit from my previous blog in that I don’t feel restricted in what I post. I hope you enjoy whatever time you spend here!

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2 Responses to Post the First

  1. Jesse Willis says:

    Comment the First!


    It appears that The Fix Online hasn’t posted your latest column for them yet. :(

  2. Jeff Vehige says:

    At last!

    Already subscribed.

    Get writing!

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